Sleeping land

2017年から、出身地の東京でデスクワークの仕事に就いている。日中、オフィスの中で閉じた生活を送るうちに、帰宅時に見る夜の都市の形と人工の光にカメラを向けるようになった。写真は全て6×6のフィルム中判カメラで撮影し、バライタ印画紙へプリントを行った 。その場の人工光を使用して撮影するため、一枚当たり数分から数十分の露光時間を要する。第20回写真「1_WALL」ファイナリスト選出。

“Sleeping land” is photography series of Tokyo residential areas at night, captured in artificial light. I have worked as a office worker in Tokyo since 2017. I’m usually in the office during the daytime. I could go out only After work. In everyday life, gradually I became interested about shape and artificial light of midnight Tokyo and I started this project. All images are shot by 6×6 medium format film camera and printed as gelatin silver print on the baryta paper. I was selected as a finalist of “20th 1-wall” competition by this project.

Installation view