(2021 “清里ヤングポートフォリオ”審査員コメントより)

Against the backdrop of the difficulty of photographing and creating works outside in 2019, this work was created by dismantling negative film shot in the past and reconstructing it with tape and string at a desk in the artist’s studio room at home.
Although the work was created in the limited space of a small desk in a room, the materiality of the destroyed images and foreign objects reflected in the work strongly asserts itself and radiates impact through an experimental production that references the history of photography.

The technique of reconstructing negative film is influenced by two recent works by Nobuyoshi Araki (1940- ). The first, published in 2011, is “Shakyo senen no nikki” (Diary of an old man who went mad). In this work, he scrapes black-and-white film and prints and collects the film to create a book of photographs. The second is the catalogue of Nobuyoshi Araki’s 2014 photographic exhibition “Kirishin. This exhibition consisted of color positive film images cut in half and combined with another cut half of the film. The string and other foreign objects reflected as components of the work are reminiscent of the photograms of Man Ray and Moholy-Nagy from the early 20th century.

Through the irreversible act of directly destroying the film, the recording medium of the images, the layers of images and materiality such as fingerprints and dust are expressed.

For the 2020 exhibition at the Meguro Museum of Art, I created a room in the venue based on this work, and during the exhibition period, I performed a performance in which he reconstructed the collage, reflecting the physicality of the site in my work.

This work will be included in the Kiyosato Museum of Photography’s collection at the Kiyosato Young Portfolio in 2021,
“The photograph is an image, but I think it is interesting to see the complex intertwining of various processes, such as the transformation of the film material into an image in the photograph, by sewing or damaging the thread directly on the film.”
“I sense a firm will.”
(From the judges’ comments for the 2021 “Kiyosato Young Portfolio”)
As stated above, the judges highly evaluated the artist’s unique production and strong images, which are rooted in the history of photography and my own experiences.