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2023, Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts





(2023 “清里ヤングポートフォリオ”審査員コメントより)

My hometowns, Edogawa and Koto wards in Tokyo, were severely damaged in the Tokyo Air Raid.
The city and its inhabitants, mainly in the affected areas, and the people who live in it, through six years of walking around Tokyo’s residential areas late at night after work,
Using images and documents of various places Japanese people were involved in during World War II, the artist expressed the city’s memories and changes.

Located on the east side of Tokyo and surrounded by rivers, the district was severely damaged in the Tokyo Air Raid of March 1945 that left 100,000 people dead. After the war, the area experienced a period of rapid economic growth and many factories began operating in the 1950s, and the Hanamachi district flourished with the presence of hundreds of geisha. In the 1990s, the Japanese economy experienced a bubble burst, and many factories relocated to the countryside due to pollution problems.
Currently, old buildings are being torn down due to redevelopment.

The materials and photographs that were obtained and taken by visiting countries where Japanese people were involved in World War II show the great impact of the war, but the photographs showing the present in the areas affected by the Tokyo air raids contrast the sight of the townscape where people spent the postwar reconstruction period decaying without being seen with the people who live there, and show that the changing times have caused the The contrast between the decay of the townscape and the people who live there reminds us of the disappearance of memories of the past due to changes in the times.

In Japan in the 2020s and beyond, the generation born after World War II accounts for more than 80% of the population.
Will the memory of more than 100,000 victims in this city be lost one day?

This work will be included in the Kiyosato Museum of Photography’s collection at the Kiyosato Young Portfolio in 2023,
“It has the artist’s unique point of view.”
(From the jury’s comments on the 2023 “Kiyosato Young Portfolio”)
As stated in the comment by the judges of the “Kiyosato Young Portfolio” (2023), this work was highly evaluated as a work that was established from a unique perspective, while being backed by meticulous research and interviews.