Sleeping land

2019, Guardian garden, Tokyo


(2019 リクルート “1_WALL”審査員コメントより)

I wandered around Tokyo’s residential areas late at night after work and took pictures.
I returned to Japan in 2017 and took a desk job in Tokyo, my hometown.
With my life closed in an office during the day, the only time I felt at ease was on my way home late at night.
Tired and walking around Tokyo late at night, he felt as if he could hear the voices of the city transcending time and space, and he began taking photographs.

The entire process of photography, from shooting to printing, was done by hand, following traditional techniques.
A film medium format camera manufactured before World War II was used.
I used the smallest amount of light in the city late at night to take pictures, opening the shutter for tens of minutes to several hours for each photograph. On my days off, I stayed in the darkroom to develop and print the film.
At first glance, the photographs produced using these techniques appear to be of everyday scenes,
They look as if they were taken from a model or a movie set.
“The photographs seem to have lost their sense of reality, as if ghosts are wandering about.”
“There is a sense of levitation, a sense of mystery that looms over the view”
‘The work reflects his experiences.’
(From the 2019 Recruit “1_WALL” jury comments)

As stated above, while the subject matter is a commonplace Tokyo cityscape, the work was evaluated for its composition of a unique worldview that transcends a specific time and place by blending a production process that follows the history of photography with the artist’s own experienceser.